BIG things are happening!

BIG things are happening!

How often do you imagine yourself training in a beautiful dance hall, full of big mirrors with so much style, you can’t even handle it? Well, we probably have the best news for all of our current and potential 4in1ARTISTS- dreams come true! secured our own dance hall, where you can train from morning to night, improve your dance style and meet your dear friends. 

You think it can’t get even better? But, it can. Not only the dance hall is spacious and open space, but it will also be designed in a spectacular style. We bet, you won’t even know where to look, when you will get there for the first time. Maybe you will just stare at the flat TV, that will be one of the learning tools for your performance to get better every day. However, who can be getting better just by watching TV, right? Prepare yourself for amazing trainings with our new creative director. We are the happiest to have person so skilled and respected in the world of art and dance in our team, we can’t even!! (Stay tuned for more, if you wish to know more about our creative head:)) 

However, we all know that 4in1ARTISTS are much more than just dancer. Meaning we need more than just superb dance trainings. We need to constantly educate ourself in all 4 spectrums – starting from classes on how to take a perfect picture to a lecture on how to express yourself using just your face and body language. And boy, are we looking forward to have this classes in our new dance hall with our CEO, Petra Marko. Yes! Another exciting news – our talented CEO is going to help us to be even better and dedicate time from her schedule on our improvement. Doesn’t it sound like a fairytale? 🙂

If you want to be among the lucky ones who enjoy all these perks of being an #4in1ARTISTS, sign up for our still-running casting and join our team. It is going to be LEGENDARY!

Yours truly,


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