Our #creativedirector Gabika Vengřinovičová

Our #creativedirector Gabika Vengřinovičová


Gabika has joined our management team after an exciting dance workshop, we held this summer in Prague. But you are wondering who is she and what is her role in the management team of NeonHeads and 4in1ARTISTS.

This talented dancer, lector and choreographer in one person has joined us as a creative director of the 4in1ARTISTS team. Do you want to know why we chose her? Then keep on reading. 🙂

Gabi has been dancing since she was 8 years old. Her specialty is hip hop(and she is rocking it). Not only she is dancing all around, but she is also a founder of a dance group Elements Community. She danced in the musical production of Quasimodo, co-operated with biggest singers on Czech music scene like Karel Gott, Michal David or Helena Vondráčková. To make her portfolio of activities even more exciting, she has been a choreographer of TV shows such as To byl náš hit( I. and II. season) for TV Barrandov, Slavik Mattoni, New Years program for ČT1(Czech National TV) and many more. She is also focusing her talent and energy on collaborations with young singer in Czech republic like Ewa Farna. Gabi not only was the choreographer for her birthday tour, but also her personal trainer.

To be sure, she is always on top of her game, Gabika goes to New York city annually, where she is learning new moves in the Broadway Dance Center, Peridance Center, Steps – places where dancers are taught by the best teachers from the whole world. In 2015 she has been awarded by the title ” Choreographer of the Year” simultaneously with her dance group wining the title of the DANCE GROUP OF THE YEAR in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our new creative director is a choreographer and director of many events like Fashion Shooting Stars, Retro Jeans Fashion Show and many other. At the moment, she is working on a big dance tour for NeonHeads European Dance Tour.

Welcome in the team Gabi. We are very happy to have you with us.

And if you want to be one of the dancers who get to work with this talented choreographer, sign up for our online video casting and make your dreams come true.

Yours truly,


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