What is the life of #4in1ARTISTS like?

What is the life of #4in1ARTISTS like?

By now, you most probably know that 4in1ARTIST is not just your ordinary dancer. It is a multitalented person, who has the moves of a universal dancer, looks and glamour of a model, body-language of an actor and ability to promote almost everything. To be a true 4in1ARTISTS is a very demanding job, that not everybody can and will handle. However, during our summer casting in Prague we have discovered several talented female dancers who have a big potential to be a true #4in1ARTISTS.

But, so far it is just us telling you how great the whole experience is and how beyond amazing it is ,to be part of the 4in1ARTISTS team. Some of you won’t take our word for it. Which is why, we asked our new teammates to share their experience and feelings about being one of us.


Vendula from Czech Republic has already been at her first event and this is how she feels about being a 4in1ARTISTS and her whole experience from the casting to the first official trainings: “I have found out about the casting through the Internet, more precisely via TSR( *Taneční Skupina Roku). I have sent my video application and have been selected for the week long workshop in Prague. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from this workshop. I was pleasantly surprised and very excited about the whole experience. So far, I have been part of only one event and I can honestly tell I really enjoyed it. I have a great relationship with the girls from the team and we had a lot of fun. I am very happy, that I can show people what I enjoy to do and what completes me –DANCE. Being 4in1ARTISTS brings a lot of opportunities and for that I am very grateful.”

But one good review, doesn’t do the magic, does it?

Sara Lamprechtova, a 4in1ARTISTS who sent her casting video as a first one, shares her insights on being a part of our team from her very start “ Workshop in Prague was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! It was a big challenge, with demanding training sessions, which I believe pushed me and made me a better dancer. It was worth to keep on “fighting” and become part of this great team of creative and positive people. During a week long casting in Prague, we have learned more than just dance choreographies. We were also taught how to do nice make up and hair, walk in high heels; very important aspects for the work of 4in1ARTISTS. I am really looking forward to the first training in Prague, as the girls already grown on me during the first week we spent together in Prague. During the workshops in Bratislava, I had the chance to meet some of the artists from the Bratislava team and I am looking forward very much to work with them, as they are all very nice and friendly.:) “

Sara, as all of us, is not only ambitious in the art and entertainment industry. She is studying Finance at the Technical University in Ostrava- because you know, it’s always good to have someone good with numbers around 😀 . She likes math, but her true passion is video directory. If you want to meet Sara, be sure to see her at the European Championship in Gibraltar, the World Dance Championship in Germany or join our team. 🙂



Libuska Tsukahara is one more dancer who joined our 4in1ARTISTS.com team after a spectacular weeklong workshop in Prague. This dancer with an stunning look has always dreamt about professional career as a dancer. And everyday she gets closer to making her dream come true. “ I have been part of the 4in1ARTISTS team only for a short period, but I have already experienced two week long workshops packed with dance, beauty and cat walk classes. It was very challenging to keep on going for a whole week and learn so many new things, but for me it was truly unforgettable experience. I am already looking forward to go to my first event and experience the glamour and excitement of showing our talent to a real audience.” Libuska lives for dancing and performing and you can feel it from every single move she does. “ Music has emotions and dancers is the one, who wants to show the emotions to the audience. My dream is to dance forever and longer and spread joy among people.”

Our Czech Libuska is not only part of our team, but she finds time to also teach dancing in dance studios, work with computers or organizing all kinds of things. Go girl!!



26 years old Lucie comes from Ostrava in Czech Republic and is one of the TOP dancers chosen at our dance workshop we held in Prague. This talented student of Management and entrepreneurship has been dancing since she is 4. Trying out every dance style from ballet, modern gymnastics to a dance school Akcent, where Lucie has been dancing for past 8 years. Not only as a dancer, but also a teacher and choreographer. Lucie and her team from Akcent hold the title of the World Champions in dance. However, she wanted to get back to just dancing and making living out of it “ I have decided to sign up to the casting and during the workshop I was chosen to the group of the TOP dancers and was given the opportunity to become part of the 4in1ARTISTS family. “ Since the workshop, Lucie has been experiencing the true life of 4in1ARTISTS “ I have to say, that if somebody can appreciate dancers, it is the management team of 4in1ARTISTS.





 “I am undeniably happy, that I can be part of this creative family and do what I love professionally under such a powerful brand like 4in1ARTISTS and NeonHeads.com “






Do you want to become part of our happy and arty team? Check out our casting and send us your application already today! Dreams are meant to come true.  🙂



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